Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lets Talk About the Christchurch Video

For the Youtube censors out there, I will not show the video or images from it. I simply evaluate what I saw when I viewed it and give my opinion on it.

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  1. Nonsense! You do yourself a disservice by believing this bullshit. I'm through here. (((YAY)))

    For you to think that this is a psyop---another fake event---which it is, then you would have to actually think about it, and understand. This digging into the official story and trying to find truth doesn't do it for me. This is what I've always held against you. You believe the bullshit and go from there thinking you see the truth. Your study of any "manifesto" just shows that you're an idiot.

    You don't comprehend the lies that are constantly told to us.

    Or else you just don't want to see what's really happening. Either way, Eh.

  2. Maybe there's a "dossier" somewhere. AHAHAHAHA! Sure thing. Manifesto/dossier=bullshit.

  3. Me, personally? I hate it when those I'm supposed to trust blatantly lie to me. Or are just plain stupid. Hard to tell.

  4. Dear Scott, like you I think a shooting actually happened. Contrary to you, i think Tarrant was acting on his own initiative. Anyhow, you talked abour a one minute plus duration where Tarrant seemed to be waiting for something. This one plus minute duration dis not happen on the version of the video that I have. Mine is a torrent file from the 4chan livestream.

    1. Right. A massacre/shooting actually happened in NZ. Sure thing.
      Christchurch. Muslim. Revenge for another fake event.

      When one comes to realize that the things one is being told are lies, one becomes, not only cynical, but an insurgent.

      Think about it. What if some superpower in the world decided to bomb/sanction the U.S. to humanitarianly save the poor citizens being abused by their democratically elected president? Would you not be an insurgent? A rebel? Would you not do everything you could to save your family and your country?

      The entire world is bullshit right now. (Oops, I cussed.)

    2. And if you realized that you were being lied to, in every way, would you not grieve?

    3. ...and then bring out your grenade launcher? I kid, I kid. I would like one though...

    4. BRING ME A GRENADE LAUNCHER so I can blow up the jets making crosses in my blue sky over my city. On second thought, I bet a grenade launcher would be too short to strike a jet. Maybe I can use my mind.

    5. Faith. I am a Christian after all.

  5. Enter all the humans that suddenly understand what a Christian is. Please do tell.

  6. Since the Sandy Hook incident people have started to believe that they live in a world of virtual reality. Michael Collins Piper said that. Anyhow, I made a mistake in my earlier comment that my version of the video lacked the minute or so in which Tarrant seemed to be waiting for something. This was in the video after all. Tarrent pulled his car off the road and sat in the motionless car for a time. But I don't think this is overly meaningful. He might have been fortifying his nerves with drink or drugs, for instance. Or he might have intended to show up at the mosque at a particular time and he might have been running a little bit early.

  7. Tarrant pulls his car to the side of the road at 3 minutes into the video and sits in his motionless car for a full minute. What is he doing during this time? I think he is transferring 2 rifles and a shotgun from the front part of the car, to the rear, where he can quickly get to them by lifting his car's rear hatch. This hatch is made of glass and can be seen through. For this reason for during the night he had put his 3 guns in the front part of the car, on the floor, where they were not so visible. Then, during his trip to the mosque, he pulled over to the side of the road and transferred these guns to the rear of the car, where they were now more visible, but now more accessible. That's what I think the purpose of his pulling his car to the side of the road for a full minute was about. He wanted to move the guns to the rear of the car.