Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice


  1. I concur with Tsisageya. Mainstream environmentalism is obviously highly manipulated by the oligarchs, and most proposed "solutions" shift the burden to ordinary people instead of coal companies and their investors, for example. But James Corbett's red baiting and love affair with anarchocapitalism are laughable, just making him an atheist-branded Alex Jones.

  2. Shooting the messenger?

    Why not check the video and associated information?

    The reference to 'coal companies' from Martin is not really relevant to the topic since coal, nuclear and big oil have supported the 'green' agenda /AGW push from the get go- All one has to do is look into the back ground of Maurice Strong- pusher of said green agenda and oil man

    In the Sixties, having become very rich himself from Canada’s oil industry,

    Strong was caught having been illicitly paid $1 million from the UN’s Oil for Food programme

    Gore is an oil man and a petrochemical baron- along with a carbon billionaire

    And the UN is a Rockefeller institute- readily available information- take the time to look into it

    Scott: I posted this as well. It's excellent.
    Well referenced. Articulate. etc.,
    The idea of a green reaper should horrify any sane person. Exploding children for non compliance is sick.
    Those two women on the BBC were pathetic

    1. Just because I dislike James Corbett and his stupid "stuff I don't like, even that done by the corporate class for profit, is statist or soshulist!" shtick, doesn't mean I agree with Maurice Strong or the Rockefeller-funded institutions. I do agree that some schools of environmentalism are rather cultlike puppets of other interests.
      And Kenric, you are basically criminalising people for simply existing. Other rights are null if we don'tdeven have the right to live. Of course we must adopt practises that sustain the environment instead of depleting it, but the Malthusian misanthropy and antimodernism is why I lost interest in capital-E Ecology.

    2. Martin, I am doing no such thing. This is not an "original sin" type of argument. You'll notice I'm also not advocating suicide. It's a simple observation of the effects that overconsumption AND human overpopulation has had on this planet. We could also blame methane output from mammal livestock, but again that is an *effect* of human existence. I'm not even advocating self-genocide, merely self-control until climate catastrophe is averted and a reasonable population can be sustained. Denial of the obvious carrying capacity and finite resources is what will lead to nonexistence of all life on this planet. Do you not see the irony?

    3. "Of course we must adopt practises that sustain the environment instead of depleting it ..."

      So, what you're proposing is AUSTERITY MEASURES. That sounds to me more the globalist agenda.

      Hey it doesn't matter who is right about this. Decades of talking about this has not significantly curbed consumption nor reproduction. We're fucked. We're better off accepting the inevitable. And we don't necessarily have to be depressed about it because mortality is a fact of life either way. But for the sake of this debate, referring to the reasonable need for reducing human population as Eugenics? That's paranoia.

    4. I mean unless you're talking about *specific* racist individuals who want to target non-Caucasians. I already started right off talking about manipulators seeking personal gain. But to lump anyone who recognizes the obvious into that category is unreasonable.

  3. I saw that video earlier today as I am a subscriber of Corbett's as well. Here's the comment I posted there:

    Obviously some of this has gone too far and there will always be manipulators seeking personal gain. I am reminded as well of the Cap & Trade scam. BUT ... are you going too far as well? It sounds like you don't believe that Human Overpopulation is the #1 problem for this planet and its dwindling resources, the most important being water? Is this what you're all saying? And to those who assume it's eugenics of exclusively non-Caucasians, take another look at the "Birthstrikers". They look pretty damn white to me!

  4. James Corbett is a limited hangout. There's a reason I don't watch him.