Thursday, March 21, 2019

Suddenly Christchurch Brings About Our Own Vichy Moment

In the fallout of the New Zealand shooting, all sorts are calling for Big Business Brother to further censor the internet. From TIME magazine to Lionel Nation to little Youtubers urging us to become fascists so we can defeat the fascists on behalf of the fascists who want control again.

There is a choice we have to make. Do we stand together in solidarity in support of freedom of expression or do we give in and post signs behind us that read "HAIL ANTS"

Whitney Webb article

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said the whole point of the go-pro video was to crack down on freedom of speech. It may well have been a "training exercise" in an of itself to see how fast tech companies & social media platforms could scrub a viral video if the need arose.

  2. Scott, you inspired me to create a meme (click on that link to see) using a photo I found of "Lionel" (coincidentally my middle name unlike that faker) with Trump in the White House. They're so disgusting, but it's hilarious because I put the HAIL ANTS sign in the window behind them. Also included here is a lengthy review and notes on your video plus related links for more research. Thanks for sharing!