Thursday, August 15, 2019

Apparently I Have to Explain to Pearse Redmond How Political Blackmail Works

This is a rant. When you're a former Sybil Edmunds employee and you compare me to 9/11 disinfo assets, that's what you get.

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  1. Creighton, you made some good points in this one. I now am convinced that it is highly likely that Epstein was "swapped out."

  2. I've had a second thought since my first comment. Namely, the reason so much trouble was taken to preserve the life of Epstein after his first arrest was not that Epstein was valuable but that the blackmail operation he was running was valuable. Since Epstein's second arrest this blackmail operation has been exposed too much for it to continue. The best option was to kill Epstein therefore.

  3. I have reconsidered my second comment. I think the supposed failed suicide attemp of Epstein is very significant. It made the supposed real suicide of Epstein (or his death) 100 times more believable. I think that's why the failed suicide attempt happened. The word for it is "psychagogy." It is the ability to induce belief in other minds. I think Epstein was removed from the jail alive in such a way that people will think he no longer lives.

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