Saturday, August 31, 2019

Hurricane Dorian and the Commodification of Forecasting

Everything in our lives is monetized. Your data. Your privacy. Hell, Siri is listening to your doctor talk to you on his I-watch and phone as you read this. Apple records and sells the audio track of you making love to your significant other. Who warned you of that years ago when he was being called a "Snowden Truther" by the way?

Everything about your life has a dollar value attached to it somehow by someone and that includes your fear. Therefore it is only natural to expect NOAA and your local weatherman to hype distant threats as much as humanly possible in order to get you and your loved ones as panicked as possible and ready to spend, spend, spend.

Ergo you cannot trust the weatherman's forecast because... he is told to serve the interests of the businesses who pay for the advertising on the station. It's just that simple. Didn't used to be that way but it certainly is now.

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  1. !00% correct.
    But Boobus americanus will slurp it up anyway!

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