Wednesday, April 7, 2021

What Are Black Strands in Face Masks? Graphene Nanotubes?


Charged with electrons, they move when reacting to moisture, wind and other electrons nearby. Seems they are alive when they are not. Placed there by mask manufacturers, they will supposedly kill viruses as they pass by. Jury is out on how safe they are in masks which explains why a Canadian government banned masks with this technology from their schools.


Grace's thread

MSN article on Canadian schools

Nano Today white paper

Edge of Innovation

Government of Canada

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Brand New Tube


  1. Put nothing past these putrid pukes.

    It could be intentional, to create a few million more "lifetime customers" on useless meds, in which case they got the idea from the super-duper cutting edge high tech onboard oxygen system for the F-22 RAPTOR, which in no time gave a whole cadre of front-line pilots life-long, lung-damaging COPD & worse. RAPTOR COUGH.
    There's even websites & books on this, as it's now a full generation on.
    But, to throw everyone off, have to rename this latest mask fiasco---how about "corvid cough"?

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    In fact, it's so seriously screwed ol' joe is gonna issue a decree here soon that henceforth till the end of time, it shall be called the econdomy.

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  3. I read somewhere some scientist thought carbon nanotubes could potentially be as harmful to the lungs as asbestos fibers.

  4. The e-condomy is just roaring!
    So sayeth J. Demon (at 3:20 of vid)
    The Most Important Indicator In China Is Something You Must Know! Trying To STOP Bubble

    BUT weekly US initial unemployed claims, out today & every Thursday morning, still has 700,000+ for about the 55th consecutive week (one week only about 6 months ago was a hair under 700K).

    That's 3 million/month.


    Fauci told Yahoo Finance that getting Americans vaccinated is key in preventing another surge. Yet he’s also said the vaccines don’t protect you or others from getting COVID. So which is it? Again, most can’t apply simply critical thinking skills to what this tyrannical puppet has been saying.

    See if u can tell the difference:
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