Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Iran Announces Withdraw of ‘Some Points’ of Nuclear Deal in Ultimatum to EU

from Fort Russ News

In a major shift which could very well signal the return of a conservative Iranian government, Rouhani announced the suspension of certain parts of the nuclear agreement, in a measured and mirrored response to the U.S having suspended its parts for the past year. He then called on Europe to comply with its agreements with Tehran and warned that his country could suspend other points of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Iran announced on Wednesday that it will suspend some of its commitments assumed in the nuclear agreement signed between Tehran and the G5 + 1 formed initially by Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, the United States plus China in 2015.

The decision was officially approved just hours ago, and notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic was given to the ambassadors of the countries that are still part of that agreement after the withdrawal from the United States exactly one year ago.
It is important to clarify that Iran kept up its end of the agreement in its entirety for one year, while the US withdrew in May of 2018 under Trump.

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif, had told reporters that Tehran will not withdraw from the entire nuclear agreement officially known as the Comprehensive Plan of Joint Action (JCPOA), but will suspend some points of it which the country assumed voluntarily...

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