Monday, May 27, 2019

Parenti's 'Swarthy Hordes' Theme is Alive and Well in Entertainment Propaganda Today

"They hate us for our freedom" Really? Why? Because of what we are doing and are going to do? No. Because they are the swarthy hoards who simply 'want too see the world burn'

From Game of Thrones to the Walking Dead to World War Z, this kind of entertainment industry propaganda is still alive and well in the states today and it will continue until we collectively understand it for what it is and reject it at the box office.

Noam Chomsky's Five Filters

Parenti's 1989 lecture "Rambo and the Swarthy Hoards"

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  1. Minor correction: The character responsible for the Dark Knight was Alfred, Bruce's butler, and the anecdote he relates about the jewel-stealing bandit plus rebellious natives took place in Myanmar, not an African land.
    I'd like to add that Hollywood also adores antisocial, socio or psychopathic behaviour, pretending that problems like Mexican drug cartels magically appear without any external factors driving them, portraying the state in Washington as always undefeatable, and the notion that no one can legitimately have views different than capitalist liberal democracy and the liberal/libertarian7conservative spectrum.