Friday, May 17, 2019

Leaked Douma Report Proves Chemical Attack was Staged As Amy Goodman Spews Debunked Lies

As an OPCW report is leaked that makes it clear the Douma chemical attack was completely staged last year, Amy Goodman dusts off some debunked "Syrian prison torture" story to distract her antiwar audience from the truth... once again. She is about as shameful as it gets. She, like the New York Times and John Bolton alike, is nothing more than a peddler of augmented reality. Reality augmented with lies and FAKE NEWS.

Amy's disinfo

Clinton/Obama coup of 2016

2017 Peter Ford story about the lies of the 'Syrian prison torture" story

NYT augmented reality

Leaked Douma report says canisters were planted by White Helmets

OPCW verifies authenticity of report

Florida passes anti-semitism bill

my article on the interim report from July of 2018

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