Saturday, May 18, 2019

What is the Significance of the "Dancing Israelis" FOIA Release Images?

The images are so distorted you can't see the skyline of Manhattan in the background that combined with the fact that the faces of the subjects in the image were redacted, you can't glean any useful info from any of them.

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  1. Hi Scott:

    I was wondering the same thing. What is the significance of these "photos". My conclusion was that they're just a distraction from the real evidence that is being demanded by the Architects and Engineers group that has a very important law suit going on in New York. There is supposed to be a Grand Jury assembled to look at it. This is just a pre-emptive attack on the veracity of any evidence the A & E may get resulting from their FOI requests.

    You can just imagine how the perps are pi$$ing their pants over the A & E lawsuit. They own all the judges but do they own the evidence? Looks like they're trying to.

  2. I can explain. All the Israeli stuff is propaganda which helps perpetuate the biggest lie of 9/11: 3,000 people died and 6,000 were injured. Believing it was Israelis (outsiders) bringing down the buildings and killing all those people makes the killing more plausible. Also, it gets all the anti-Zionist feeling going and pushes away the focus from the primary culprits: the US administration. No doubt, of course, Israel was heavily involved and perhaps it was their operatives that brought the buildings down but it makes not a jot of difference who brought the buildings down because nobody died in them! Why would they push out all this Israeli stuff? Why did they tell us about the roadblock and the van with the explosive dust (seriously)? Propaganda! Isn't it interesting how they tell us about the Israelis - which tends to complicate the Muslim terrorist aspect - knowing that those who believe the official story won't question the Israelis while all the truthers latch right onto it.