Monday, May 13, 2019

The "New Left" was Fake


  1. The bastards succeeded very well at flushing old-school leftism and progressivism down tje memory hole in the Anglosphere. You have the Jordan Petersons further propagating ignorance of the real theories from philosophers like Marx, abd then the washed-up former hippies who claim to be against war, but always swallow their media's characterisation of independent states from the West as evil dictatorships that run people over with tanks for sport, put economics on the backburner and focus more on drugs, sex and identity politics than anything more substantive. I honestly love some of the music, literature and cinema inspired by the bloody hippies, but I now know they were a sham orchestrated by the oligarchy to weaken civil rights and antiwar sentiment. This book of sorts makes for thought-provoking reading, but be warned it's long and incredibly disturbing:

  2. Especially the first part of the video is actually very good and informative. Thanks, Scott.
    Like Martin says, democracy in the West (all of it, including post-WWI Western "leftism") is a joke and run by the CIA (i.e. the robber barons and their mafia/cult).
    Trotskyism, Nazism, Hindutva supremacism, the Dalai Lama, and so forth are very much linked because they're all CIA projects.

    But the second part is less good because Caleb Maupin doesn't tell (doesn't know) the whole story about the Soviet Union.
    If you want to know about the Soviet Union you must ask East German intellectuals. (e.g. )
    It is very unlike the Western narrative. The fall of the Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union (4 coup d'états) was not in the late 80s, but in the 50s (3 coup d'états), when it was at the very top taken over by (crypto-fascist, anti-Communist) Trotskyite NWO agents. Still it took until the late 80s (the last coup d'état) before their willful maladministration and sabotage (in collaboration with the CIA) managed to bring down Lenin & Stalin's solid, successful (i.e. until 1953) Soviet Union. East Germans know all about it.