Friday, November 1, 2019

And So Begins the Season of Distractions

Now the question of course is... why?

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  1. Hi Scott
    A quick note to thanks you for your latest thought provoking post. I do love your work.

    But there is just one thing that I had to point out: I don't agree that the coming collapse is a natural occurrence. I'm no economist but I've followed Brandon Smith for a few years now, his forecasting record is second to none. And regarding the coming collapse then he has made a consistent case for a few years now:

    The Central Banks are doing this deliberately, just like they always have done.

    Here is his latest:

    There is plenty more on his site. In fact he links to a few of his earlier pieces in this one

    Hoping for a good recovery for your mum. Give Beau a pat from me. And finally, keep up the great work

    Best wishes
    Pete Fairhurst