Tuesday, November 19, 2019

CIA’s New ‘Iran Mission Center’ Created For Regime Change

by Kevin Zeese Popular Resistance (2018)

The Trump administration placed Iran hawks in charge of its foreign policy. One of those hawks is Mike Pompeo, the director of the CIA. In June 2017, the Trump administration created the Iran Mission Center inside the CIA to escalate US actions in Iran. The administration has also coordinated with Israel and Saudi Arabia to target Iran and is using the recent protests to further regime change efforts.

The Hill reported on new the anti-Iran infrastructure created by the Trump administration: “The organization, dubbed the Iran Mission Center, will include CIA analysts, personnel and specialists to support the CIA’s abilities on the matter, including covert action.”

The report on the new Iran escalation effort came after Trump visited Saudi Arabia and Israel in May, 2017. Trump said he wanted to work with the Saudis to “isolate” the Shia-majority nation. Trump also went to Israel and met with Benjamin Netanyahu. Among the issues they discussed was how the two countries can confront Iran. Additional meetings were held in December, a few weeks before the recent protests...

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