Monday, November 25, 2019

The China Papers: A New BS "leak" from a Soros-backed NGO

Yeah we've seen this act before haven't we?

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Naked Capitalism story

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  1. Hi Scott,
    thanks for the kind words in the video :)

    Considering the ramping up of operations in Syria it's interesting to take note that last night the coalition bombed a part of Syria that is currently held by Turkey... It's the block for Greater Kurdistan that has been created by Turkey (no clear path to the Mediterranean and that's what the US needs to happen) which is why, IMO, they are staying put.
    I'll be doing a round up later today, but, wanted to take a moment to thank you

    And... front page of the Globe and Mail yesterday (nov 25 print version) was the exact same story about the massive Chinese camps for Uighurs. So the sync between alt and main stream media is there= promoting unquestionably the agenda.