Monday, November 18, 2019

Who Is The Third Force Behind Killing Iraqi Protesters?

from Piazza Della Carina

Over forty days since outbreak of demonstrations in Iraq, people continue to protest in the streets of the capital and southern cities against corruption and poor services. Despite the news about winding down of the protests, news still come out talking about civilian deaths.

The Iraqi security and military sources now blame a “third party” responsible for killing of the protestors. Defense Minister Nejah al-Shomari, for example, recently presented evidence suggesting that the type of weapons by which people are killed are not used by the security forces and police and that very likely a third force is targeting the demonstrators. On November 15, while there were light demonstrations with small number of people, a hand-made bomb exploded killing a protestor and wounding 16 others.

Now the question is that who is directing such violent actions behind the scenes? What are their goals? Since the beginning, some home and foreign media in quite targeted propaganda tried to blame the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), the voluntary force founded in 2014 to fight ISIS terrorist group, for the actions. However, to make clarifications, a multi-level analysis is necessary...

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