Monday, October 12, 2020

Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage Just More Unconventional Warfare Operations in America


Ironic isn't it? Supposedly opposed to our interventionism abroad, these folks use Special Operations tactics to gin up the strategy of tension campaign here at home. Hmmm



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  1. Hey Scott:
    did you catch this one?

    As protestors pull down statues the Mellon Banking "Foundation" is there to reinvent America's monuments and rewrite it's history

    BLM & Antifa Pull Down Statues, Mellon Foundation Pledges $$$ To "Reinvent" America's Monuments & Rewrite It's History

    Key sentences

    'The so-called “Monuments Project” is the largest campaign in the foundation’s history'

    "Alexander tells the Times that the foundation will not recommend monuments for removal or reevaluation. Instead, she says, the projects Mellon takes on “will depend on who comes to us.”

  2. Regarding Columbus Day, I am for it. I hope it continues to be a big item of American tradition for the simple reason that I am committed to defend American culture.

  3. Christopher Columbus was not Spanish. He was a Genoese, ie from Genoa in what is now part of Italy. Or, in your neck of the woods, you might say Genovese.