Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Stakeholder Capitalism: Klaus Schwab and the Great Fascist Reset

(not Tbilisi, Germany but rather Tbilisi, Georgia. My bad.)

The NWO has a name and a face.

Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset https://winteroak.org.uk/2020/10/05/klaus-schwab-and-his-great-fascist-reset/

WEF article on Great Reset https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/

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  1. Words from a certain famous 115 year old book:

    "We will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international super-government, and with submissiveness."

  2. I agree that, by definition, this is fascist and not communist, but I have a lot of sympathy for the likes of Corbett, who's failure to distiguish between fascism and communism (he's an anarchist whose failing is not distinguishing centralised government run by corporations from those run by 'the people') is at least partly due to the fact that the most prominent communist governments have been backed by corporations.

    Or do you reject Anthony Sutton's claims about US corporate influence on Russia? Or the British Fabians? What do you make of them? They show you the fake left is older than the British Labour party, at least, and even harbours apparently genuine lefties like Tony Benn. But the Fabians' roots are ultimately in the same oligarchic eugenics fukry that supports the right's 'survival of the fittest' bollocks.

    Would you not acknowledge that Corbett etc are right that Cecil Rhodes' backers and disciples are the globalists, who have used both left and right of the mainstream political farce to further the same cause - to make one world govenment? If so, I think what you agree on (who the ultimate culprits are and what they're trying to do) is far more important than what you disagree on (what the exact configuration of the system they aim to implement is and label we should attach to it).

    Finally, who, where and when was the 'real left'? I ask as heretical Marxist, raised in the revolutionaries' anti-religious church, who turned on all forms of materialism after trying to fortify Marx's foundations by reading Darwin (who's natural history Marx explicitly said he was extending to the social sphere), only to discover a load of utterly racist, unscientific shite!

  3. https://apps.who.int/gpmb/assets/annual_report/GPMB_Annual_Report_English.pdf

    When you get oligarchs kicking over their own systems to make new ones, rather than arguing about which is best, dissenters would do far better talking about the oligarchs and what they want out of the multitude of systems they evidently bend to suit their interests. After all, there wouldn't be a left or right if they couldn't both be manipulated by the Queen, who when asked for her preference, tellingly said she's older than both!

    Gramsci and Bernays showed that Marx mechanistic emphasis on 'the system' cannot explain the influence of oligarchy, who are ALL about devising a farming system to control their human cattle.