Sunday, October 18, 2020

Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Just Another OBVIOUS FBI Entrapment Scheme

It's an old worn out playbook they just keep dusting off and reusing time and time again.

Information Liberation

Detroit Free Press

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  1. I thought that speech of yours was very good. Yes, you were at your best with this one.

    I think what the media does is promote a worldview. Maybe these days it takes a student of philosophy to form a concept of "worldview." But it's something that the ordinary American (at least the White ones) can understand. The media along with the FBI, in this case, are inducing us Americans to believe in a particular worldview. If we the people see through this, where are they at? Can we the people see through this? Like you, I think so.

  2. Let me say more. There is an attempt being made to eliminate the national sovereignty of the United States. The possible counter force that is best able to succeed, in my opinion, is a White racial group. This is true for a number of reasons. The main reason is that America was White from the colonial days until the murder of President Kennedy. Whites have a strong claim to the land, and if this awareness is awakened a very strong force will be the result, and this is the only force able to defeat the powers that are attempting to override America's national sovereignty.