Tuesday, October 27, 2020

New 'Study' Says anti-Lockdown and anti-Mask Population are Bad People Needing 'Interventions'


If you aren't a lemming or a sheep, if you think for yourself, if you do your own research and reach your own conclusions... you are callous, deceitful, hostile, impulsive, irresponsible and manipulative. You are a bad person who doesn't follow the crowd no matter what it does. That's what this new study suggests.

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  1. Recently I was in a liquor grocery where I often buy a half pint of vodka when I am shopping in that neighborhood, and I said to the guy, who was wearing a mask, "This is bullshit!" He agreed, "Yes, I don't know of anyone who has died. The whole thing is bullshit," he said.

    Yet he was wearing a mask in his own store, where he had no boss; and at the entrance of his store he had posted a sign saying you must wear a mask to enter.

  2. book out just about 1 year now.
    true history of 'viruses', the vaccine industry, and by extension the My Corona beer virus, since the book which took a decade to research came out right before it,etc.
    watch/listen to the interviews embedded in the page, or search utube, before they too get removed.


  3. Lockdowns are for your own benefit & protection! LOL.

    Story here about the 'biospherians'.
    Sounds like an ET species from the Dracula, errh, Draco constellation..


    In the 1990s, a troupe of hippies spent two years sealed inside a dome. They ended up starving and gasping for breath. As a new documentary tells their story, we meet the ‘biospherians.’