Thursday, December 10, 2020

Naomi Klein's Great Reset Hit Piece Slurpee

A Slurpee is a cup full of brightly colored sugar and empty calories that makes your brain hurt.

Yes there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about a thousand Big Businesses and vulture capitalist firms looking to remake our countries and our lives and yes, there are legitimate reasons to look back over the history of vaccine malfeasance of the past and ask the tough questions about what is taking shape right before our eyes today.

Naomi's slurpie

John Kerry says Great Reset will be pushed by Biden at warp speed

Forbes article on 2010 WHO swine flu 'pandemic'

60 Minutes expose on 1976 swine flu pandemic

Naomi used to know what she was talking about

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Brand New Tube


  1. A Christmas Carol: Joe Bite Me (as Santa) takes wish lists from various 'notables' sitting on his knee:
    short 4 minute clip.
    Would have been even better in clay animation & using south park voices.
    Bad Big Guy

  2. What about Loan Capital? Might it not be that loan capital controls Big Business? In that case it would be Finance Capital which seeks world domination, not Big Business.

  3. Do you know about this travesty 3 years ago in Italy?;

    In 2017, a lab in the country started studying seven common vaccines that prevent diseases like polio and hepatitis B. The results on four of the vaccines were released in December 2018 and have been in the news ever since, with even the country’s parliament discussing them. The results show that not only all four vaccines carry contaminants, one does not even have the antigens in the form that can be absorbed by the body to develop immunity towards the target diseases. The four vaccines are used across Europe and even in India.

  4. All 1 big happy family, for those at the top:
    dec 10
    Scary stuff’: Tech giants preventing criticism of Biden family ‘indiscretions’