Tuesday, December 8, 2020

NHS Using Elderly to Push Vaccine Sales in Pathetic Propaganda Campaign


All they want to do is see their family and give em a hug before they die and this is the price they have to pay to do it.


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1 comment:

  1. Don't put it past these bunch to keep lowering the the age for "the new elderly" definition.
    Pfizer's fizzle here DEC8 big news all hey say is the 2 who died (were killed) were "over 55".

    On page 41 of the document two vaccine recipients classified as ">55 years of age" died: "[O]ne experienced a cardiac arrest 62 days after vaccination #2 and died 3 days later, and the other died from arteriosclerosis 3 days after vaccination #1."
    The FDA also said on Tuesday that the data they're presented with is in line with emergency use authorization, raising hopes for Thursday.


    But not to worry, it's almost a certainty it'll still get the emergency approval come that Thursday meeting.