Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Nashville Bombing Story Becomes Mash-up of Various Whacked Out 'sources say' Allegations


And yes, the RV was parked right in front of those two cameras.


Daily Mail



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  1. I believe that any modern vehicle can be controlled remotely by hacking into the computer that directs the vehicle's controls. An example is the first of a series of shootings of a few years ago, in which an Islamic couple who had allegedly shot dead some officials in San Bernadino, CA, were dead in the trunk of their car as it passed by TV cameras at the site of the shooting with a dozen FBI vehicles right behind them. This car was being driven remotely.

    Whether or not video shows the crazy-man driving his camper into the position where it exoded should be determined, for it is possible that he was tied up in the back while the camper was being driven remotely.