Thursday, December 3, 2020

CDC Director Warns Dark Winter Approaches on Chamber of Commerce Interview

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  2. Dollar looks like it's in a big hurry to meet one of these dates of destiny:

    This date maybe?
    S.3571 - Banking for All Act 116th Congress (2019-2020)
    (b) Mandate.— (1) I N GENERAL.—All Federal reserve banks shall, not later than January 1, 2021, make digital wallets available to all residents and citizens of the United ...

    OR, this date? (JAN25/2021):
    Rather long, but excruciating detail with info right from the ISDA website about an even now, 5 weeks later nearly blacked-out topic/date:

    "I love it when a plan comes together!"---Hannibal, The 'A' Team

  3. Dark winter, huh?
    Just wait till spring.
    just to be clear, this guy's a canucki but talking about US Socsec.
    Read some of the comments below the vid; some very astute people are awake.

    Like this one:
    There is no SS fund, just a pile of special SS bonds, its spent in the general fund, the money paid out is allotted each year budget. Your money taken is long gone,

    Here's the FACTS behind that statement:
    in early 1968 President Lyndon Johnson made a change in the budget presentation by including Social Security and all other trust funds in a"unified budget." This is likewise sometimes
    described by saying that Social Security was placed "on-
    It’s main achievement was changing the system to count social
    security revenues — big positives then — as revenue, so the
    Vietnam War would be less of a drain.

    One way to estimate the immediate impact of this accounting change is to look at the government's actual expenditures for FY 1969. Under the current unified budget rules, the
    government reported a surplus of $3.2 billion for FY 1969. Removing the "off-budget" items from the calculation would result in a net deficit of $507 million.

    Just for comparison, the CPP, our equivalent didn't come in till 1965.

    Social Security Cuts! Pensions Will Be Cut! Crisis of 2020 Put Funds Into Critical State
    15 minutes

    BUT you should expressly be looking into this comment, which of joe Bite Me's staff said it, etc. it will affect you.:
    One woman in Biden’s cabinet is talking about cuts in Social Security and Medicare. It will be in Biden’s first budget proposal. This will come in 2021. Once Biden is officially president.