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Globalism State of the Union (archived from Nov. 17 2012)

(Posted on November 17, 2012 by willyloman)

by Scott Creighton

Globalization, or the world-wide implementation of the neo-fascist/corporatist “public/private partnership” model, is advancing at an alarming rate. What is surprising is the fact that this trend is gaining momentum in spite of the growing public awareness of the inherent corruption of these privatized for-profit programs and the direct harm they cause to the vast majority of the people of the world.


There was a time when the global elites knew they needed a vehicle in which they could create a global economic melt-down, one large enough to entrap and then destroy the various social-democracies of Western Europe, Canada and the United States.

What they did was deregulate derivatives with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, making it illegal to even propose regulation of the once illegal derivatives after Brooksley Borne attempted to do just that in 1998, warning of serious problems in the derivatives markets.

Then they needed to open up an opportunity for major financial houses to grow “too big too fail” so they could become at one time the both the lender and the investor of choice; bundling the future economic weapons of mass destruction that could no longer even be regulated.

Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999 to make way for that.

All they needed then were the paper notes themselves; bundles of mortgages, “liar loans” created by complicit mortgages companies like Country-Wide,  designed to fail centered around people they knew they could swindle into the bubble they concocted.

In the early 2000s the “liar loans’ weren’t creating enough traction, enough bad paper to plaster across the global economy, to do the damage they needed because not enough of the “wrong people” could come up with a down payment and these financial institutions wanted to make bank on the front end, the middle and the back end of this scheme, so in 2002 they came up with another wrinkle in their plan: The American Dream Down-payment Act of 2003.

They put out $200 million dollars a year to pay for up to 40,000 new down-payments for “qualified” borrowers. The plan was to get up to 5 million new homes into the hands of people who could not afford them in a decade… or as many as they could before they pulled the rug out from under them and the global economy.

In short, they made the U.S. taxpayer pay for their future demise. This model was repeated in other European countries while the lending institutions passed the doomed notes onto their investment services divisions where they promptly bundled the garbage into exotic derivatives and they set out to sell them to various institutions that they wanted to see crash and burn when the bottom dropped out.

Of course, none of this could have been accomplished were it not for the agreement that the U.S. government, with approval from the right and the left, everyone but the American people, would “bail them out” when it was all said and done, increasing the deficit, dragging the country further into debt, and providing the pretext for the largest transference of wealth from the public to private hands in the history of mankind. QE infinity continues that process to this day now with a program that transfers the equivalent of 4 NFL’s to the bankers and financial institutions who devised and carried out this economic treason… every single month (NFL is valued somewhere around 10 billion U.S. dollars)

In exchange the American people get more debt to serve as the pretext for more austerity measures and privatizations and the worthless paper notes created so long ago.

This “designed debt = austerity and privatization” scheme, a plan to force the fundamental shape of democratic structure of the Western world into a corporatist/ neo-fascist model, though being replicated across every social democracy they can manage (Iceland opted out), isn’t the end game. Far from it actually.

You see, while they were busy in 1998 laying the groundwork for the economic terrorism structure that would remake the world, they also had to set the stage for dealing with pesky nations that wouldn’t allow them access to their hot money speculators who sold the bundled instruments of economic destruction.

Condi Rice and others were busy sitting around planning out the Bush “foreign policy” agenda in her “Vulcans” meetings with people like Richard Perle and Dick Cheney and Doz Zacheim. What they were actually doing was planning out what the neo-cons would later call the “New Pearl Harbor” type event in their 2000 study, Rebuilding America’s Defenses.

They were planning the “100 Year War’ the “Long War” or the Global War on Terror and the event which kicked it off.

This aspect of the plan is just as important as was the controlled demolition of the global economy. Think of it as the Economic Hit-men and the Jackals working in tandem, simultaneously, to cover all aspects of their globalist agenda.

When a nation is neoliberalized, when the IMF austerity measures or their “economic adjustments” are implemented, one thing always happens: the people revolt. People don’t like having their wages decreased, their work conditions worsened, their taxes increased, their publicly owned properties and industries sold to crony friends of corrupt officials for next to nothing. They don’t like the mandatory increase in unemployment (which drives down wages) and the deregulation of existing laws. They don’t like their pension funds being stolen by financial firms or their free public education and healthcare being handed over to for-profit institutions and then denied them and their children.

They don’t like the plantations their nations turn into (check Haiti as a recent example… or Greece… or Spain… or Libya for that matter. The list goes on and on)

That is why over the decades we have been doing this to other countries, one of the most important elements of this process is the rise of the totalitarian police state. The death squads which our CIA has covertly supported over the decades have been responsible for perhaps millions of deaths and or disappearances.

This is the reality. You can argue it all you want but the Shah’s SAVAK to Papa Doc’s Ton Ton Macoute, the CIA has always been there to help our neoliberal dictators get rid of the kinds of people who oppose them. And typically who opposes fascist neoliberal regimes? Is it the “libertarians” like AJ who constantly call for privatization of everything, small government, ending “entitlements” and unions, deregulating big business? Of course not. That is neoliberalism.

It’s the dreaded “socialists”, the people who not only understand what the term “social democracy” means, but support it and all of it’s “evil” trappings.

Recently even Barack Obama has made the statement that the forseeable future of America’s military role will be to take out the individuals, the small groups of resistance, the “insurgents” who oppose our friends and allies in the New Middle East and elsewhere… in short… those who still cling to the old world ideals of social democracy. These are the new “terrorists”

The task of the Vulcans was just as important as that of the Economic Hit-men like Summers and Rubin and Friedman. They were to design an event large enough to dominate the collective memories of the people to the point where the mere mention of the word “terrorist” was enough to suspend critical thought and to justify the most arbitrary loss of personal freedoms and constitutional rights in our history.

Wars of aggression were waged and are still being waged on behalf of this fiction. Acts of aggression spread out across the entire globe as the world has been declared the battlefield by our President of CHANGE.

Drones, created on the public dime and then privatized to make billions for crony businesses, kill unnamed people across the globe.

Recently I heard two alternative journalists talking about all the times the same “terrorists” are killed in Pakistan and they claim that the reason for this odd characteristic of the Global War on Terror (a.k.a. the Global Free Market Wars) is because of the lack of oversight and accountability.

This is not true.

They continue to use the same names of the suspected “terrorists” in their illegal and immortal death from above death squad technique because they don’t WANT you and I to know the names of the people they target SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE they don’t want you to research them and discover that they were local political opposition or union leaders or labor organizers or writers or journalists or anyone else who opposed our neoliberal occupation of their country.

Perhaps the most tragically punished nation in all of this at this point (with the possible exception of Yemen) is Pakistan. There they target and kill anyone who stands in the way of our agenda for that country and the reason they get away with it is the military is complicit in the criminal acts.

Of course the story is that they are all terrorists, #2′s on al Qaeda’s or the Taliban’s depth chart when in reality they are simply opposition to our New World Order.

Pakistan is quickly becoming the front-lines of a new globalist agenda: the consolidation of the public education system into the global for-profit indoctrination model.

The UN’s Education First program is using the Malala psyop to create an emotion based campaign to get every student in that country enrolled in a pro-
Western for-profit school. The idea is simple: remove the threat of independent thought and solidify the credibility of the Western free market capitalist ideology by indoctrinating the youth of the poor working classes across the “New Middle East”… and make a billion dollars while doing it.

Imagine an entire world, taught to fit in like the citizens of a Brave New World or Orwell’s 1984 and you understand what that means.

It’s not about giving girls like Malala the opportunity to do what they dream of, in the case of Malala, she’s a perfect example: she dreamed of being a doctor till her school owning father forced her to change that dream and instead become the tragic front-man for the global charter school agenda.

Even the poster-child of this program has to bend to the wishes of the New World Order… and no one seems to notice… no one seems to care.

Writers from the Naval War College write about the ABC’s of “fighting extremism” in terms of “educating” the discontent out of the insurgents (that article was published in my hometown newspaper a few days ago). If you teach a slave that his position in life is to be a slave, chances are many of them will accept it without revolt.

But there will always be those who refuse to submit. For them, as President Obama notes, they will be the focus of our military in the near future. Those who fail to grasp the inevitability of globalization. Those who refuse to submit to the natural order of the corporatist New World Order. Those who will not the rule of the IMF and World Bank nor that of the Bank for International Settlements or Goldman Sachs.

For them, the work of the Vulcans stands as the pretext for the Ton Ton to come here in the states and across the once social democracies of Europe. For them, those in Latin America who are rising once again to oppose the neoliberal agenda of the colonial nations, they too face the undeniable future that many here in this country refuse to acknowledge as long as they still lead a privileged life.

As Israel bombs Palestine’s government into dust to teach them a lesson about asking for recognition, our government applauds them and makes ready for still further abuses here at home and in other nations who dare to oppose our petro-dollar hegemony.

The country is being hollowed out at an alarming rate. Selling off public assets and readying the phony debate over the fiscal cliff.

Reform of the existing institutions is no longer possible. There is but one way clear of a world-wide corporatist nightmare.

Before you die, you younger readers, you will see the “surge” for a global health insurance mandate like the “constitutional’ one we have here.

You will know the global for-profit prison system as well as the global charter school program.

You will see the end of the notion of “public space” or “public ownership” of anything.

Children will be taught a history that never happened with a moral code that changes as the need arises.

You will come to know that federal government, the alignment of states under a common cause and interest, will fade into none existence in lue of thousands of corrupt, criminal mini-states which can be more easily influenced and ripped off.

There will be a rise in religious fundamentalism. This will be promoted by the corporate state because it makes the empty promise of a better life after the one you get if only you “behave’ during this one.

The state will grow in power and force, and the will of the people will no longer be taught even as a theory. Your will will be what they tell you it is.

Those who do not adhere to the indoctrination of the institution, any institution, will be weeded out.

Green zone cities will be all that is left to the masses while access to the country will be strictly prohibited. That land will be the sole property of mega corporations and the billionaires to use as they see fit.

It won’t be pretty but it can be stopped.


  1. Dangerous times, & strange days indeed (as the song says).

    Just to point out right here this calendar time, .09-year in= about 32-36th day of year, so Feb2 to Feb6 has seen some powerful multi-century collapses from that date, both in markets & in currencies of the period.
    1637 FEB5 Tulipomania peaked, then a 97% price collapse.
    1720.09 final hyperbolic run-up into both the 1720.6 South Sea bubble top, & its 'twin' France Mississippi Scheme (John Law), which final currency tranche issue of livres tournois came around 1720.67 (Sept. 1).

    England's currency pound survived this, as it was a pound sterling & late 1717 they went onto the gold standard, only the share prices (in pounds) collapsed 90%+.
    But France was fully fiat, set up by john law & bank issuance was fiat all the way.
    Then 1865.09, southern confederate dollar underwent its final, ending hyperinflation to war's end 1865.27;
    all exact time-kept charts of the time this occurred are available on the net.

  2. BIS (set up in 1930/MAY, long before the IMF (1947) looks ready to pull their next card from the middle of the loaded deck:
    They claim to be 'testing' a cross-platform? CBDC Central bank digital currency.

    Remember IMF in 1969, before Trckydicky took the world to full fiat in 1971/August, except theoretically Switzerland, came out with their USD SDR, supposedly only as an 'accounting efficiency'!