Monday, February 1, 2021

Myanmar Coup: Biden's First Soft Power Regime Change to Thwart China's BRI


There's your 'CHANGE' Bidenites.


US Lost Myanmar to China

China backs Myanmar

Myanmar a perfect fit for BRI

Myanmar rejects election fraud claims by Junta

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, it's called desperation putschback!

    I remember way back in 2005 or so, just a few years after China was admitted to WTO (Late 2001)a certain cycles guru was all screeching & howling, working himself up into a righteous howling lather, kinda like what Psycho Mikey does regularly now, about how China would do in 1 generation what it took the west about 2 centuries to do.

    As usual, some perceptive comments below the vid by those who can think & see clearly by cutting right through the blarney & blizzard of BS.

    Get Ready For Panic! China's Plan In Near Completion as The U.S. Economic Crash Has Spiraled
    Worry not, GI Joe is right on it!