Thursday, February 11, 2021

No Kim Iversen, Corporate Owned Towns are Not a 'cool idea'


 Make America the Gilded Age again. Off we go back to the glorious 1800s. And Kim thinks its a cool idea.


Kim video

The Hill


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  1. But with a twist this time a full century on!
    They absolutely intend to have everyone tracked, quarantined, or just starved out en masse with all their tech geek toys.
    Those thousands of 5G mini-satellites launched by Musk are key.

    Look to china's huge empty cities pre-built a decade ago already as a model to see how it will be done. Since china is 1.5B, even those can accommodate only 1-2% of its people.

    By coincidence, i watched a vid of the life of Loretta Lynn (b 1932; her sis Crystal Gayle b 1951), who was far before my time but i wanted to see how she rose up, & right there still is the family shack, no running water, no electricity.
    Wood for heating, cooking. Well outside.
    No road or rail line into any town either, just a walking trail.
    Her father worked in the coal mine & shovelled coal by hand into the coal boxes at 25c/ton! Paid by output, not by hour.
    Had to buy everything grossly overpriced at the COMPANY STORE.
    Many furniture pieces were hand-made by other wood craftsmen in the area.

    Had those big old radios for only entertainment, since no electricity used big non-rechargeable batteries, so to make them last kept volume down everybody crowded around for the few special times per week they could afford to listen.

    other news: this kind of article usually seen at outrageous tops, to match the sycophantic slobbering, outrageous lies & fairy tale mystique surrounding cook.


    The Bite Me administration has launched a technocratic war on America’s food supply and accelerating a global collapse in food production. This is being done by paying farmers NOT to grow food, ordering the Department of Agriculture to pursue a zero-growth policy, and placing restrictions on grocery stores, restaurants, and meatpacking plants. On top of that, the US is reeling from a severe shortage of fertilizer, which will cause crop yields to decrease and prices to rise. The US is completely sold out of food to export...

    Here's corn price chart. sure is zooming since august. others available wheat, soybeans, canola etc: