Sunday, February 28, 2021

Peter Hitchens Gets His Mind Right and Gets His Rona Jabs


According to Peter, we've lost. It's all over. Might as well go along to get along. See what I mean by him being an 'almost' brother?

Hitchens article

NHS enlists celebrities

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  1. Now Mr Hitchens will drive the questioners/hesitators towards vaccine acceptance.

    I'd say that was a job well done.
    A good example of controlled opposition.

  2. Spot on Scott, he's revealed himself as controlled opposition. Just like so many of the spooks who have shown their hand during the scamdemic

    Just one thing that needs correcting:
    That picture, that you referenced a few times, of Peter receiving his jab is NOT Peter! It is Tony Bliar one of the most famous war criminals in history. No idea why Peter put up that photo without explanation but it is definitely Bliar and not Hitchens

  3. Where'd the usual winter "flu" go this time?
    Ron Paul
    Astonishingly, the UK public health authority has announced that this flu season has not seen a single case of influenza. The US and elsewhere are showing similar numbers. Has the flu disappeared? If so, why? The "experts" are claiming that hand-washing, masks, and social distancing have defeated the flu virus. So why didn't those measures work against the Covid virus? Also today, social media morphs into NATO cheerleaders...

    Me, I think it was all those millions of pretentious freaks putting tiny corvid masks onto their iphony screens, blocking it & also every other unseen & never isolated to now 'virus' from going out on socialist media.