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We are Not Fighting ISIS™ in Iraq. We are Bombing The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries

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by Scott Creighton

The people fighting to liberate Iraq from us are not in cahoots with ISIS™ and neither am I. But someone is. And it’s time you decided what side you are on as well just as it was in 2003. It’s darker now but the light is out there. You just have to look for it a little harder, that’s all.

We are not fighting ISIS™ in Iraq. As I have stated many times, we are using our military and our resources to target a legitimate uprising in the country George W. Bush illegally invaded and occupied for years on behalf of our “national interests” i.e. Big Oil, Big Business, Big Banking and our “friends in the region” (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel).

It is the continuation of a program started by Bush’s father via direct military conflict, continued by the Clinton administration via sanctions that killed upwards of 500,000 children (which Madeleine Albright later claimed was “worth it”) and ultimately ending with a massive bombing campaign called “Shock and Awe” run by Bush Jr. and based on a series of lies told by the administration at the time which were supported by the complicit media in 2002 and 2003 without question.

ISIS™ didn’t just show up in some strange coincidence at the perfect time to help Obama justify using U.S. military resources to crush The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, a legitimate democratic revolution. Anyone who writes that is simply misleading our efforts.

“In meditation, go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speech, be true”  Tao Te Ching

To that end…

A reader sent me a link to Moon of Alabama’s blog, which is usually pretty good, but it seems they have decided to jump on the ‘bomb, bomb, bomb ISIL’ bandwagon as of late. It would appear in the world of alternative blogging, as it is in the MSM, self preservation has a direct inverse correlation to the cognitive functions of the average writer.

“To probably the surprise of many readers I had argued for airstrikes. But I was quite specific. Those airstrikes should have been against the heavy equipment the IS seized from the Iraqi and Syrian armies. It is that mountain of heavy equipment, not the running loons, that make IS dangerous to everyone in the Middle East.” Moon of Alabama

MoA doesn’t seem to be able to connect the dots, even when an ISIS™ spokesman issues a fatwa against citizens of the countries making up Obama’s new Coalition of the Willing and cites various already debunked Western propaganda as the justification for it. Imagine that: a CIA creation backing CIA disinformation for public consumption… and Moon of Alabama doesn’t get it? Curious. More on the heavy equipment issue later.

The IS has fallen for, or is just repeating, “western” propaganda. There is no difference between a “barrel bomb” and any “western” bombing device. The difference was only made up in the media to put a bad light on the Syrian government. The “chemical attacks” were also very likely false flag operations. But IS has eaten that up.” Moon of Alabama

Not only does MoA not make the connection between how the CIA created ISIS™ and how they are now regurgitating CIA and state department propaganda (the CIA is writing the script which means they still run ISIS™) BUT.. over at MoA it would appear they aren’t really sure whether or not last year’s chemical weapons attacks, Obama’s much needed “red line”, were false flag events or not. Notice that he doesn’t even call them ‘ISIS’ but rather he has adopted the Obama administration terminology for this group. Curious again.

Someone needs to spend a little more time researching and less time writing if that’s the case.


Also notice the MoA is actually promoting the false narrative that the Syrian government bombed their own civilians. They claim the terminology of “barrel bombs” is what was designed to make Assad look bad while apparently agreeing that he used some other form of “bombing device” on them which is absolutely disinformation.

More importantly, many people out there in the so-called “alternative” news community don’t seem to understand what is really happening in Iraq and by missing the point, through complicity or carelessness, they are aiding and abetting this developing war-crime no less than the MSM did back in 2001 and 2003.

I believe, like Marcy Wheeler, that the rise of IS in the last few years was a somewhat unintended creation of the “west” caused by letting the Saudi prince Bandar run the military part of the anti-Syria campaign. The people who run IS would have existed and would have fought without that campaign but on a much smaller base.” Moon of Alabama

Ah… the old “blowback” campaign. Reminds me of 9/11. And look at that: blame Saudi Arabia. That sounds like recent 9/11 disinfo, doesn’t it? Curious one last time, MoA.

I’m going to put this in bold typeface set apart from the rest of the article so you can copy and paste it easier:

ISIS™ is not “blowback” due to the Saudis. ISIS™ is the PRETEXT created to cover our efforts to quell the revolution in Iraq.

The REVOLUTION taking place in Iraq is the direct result of the Iraqi people being sick and tired of living under OUR BRUTAL CORRUPT PUPPET REGIME headed by Nuri al-Maliki

We are not bombing ISIS™ in Iraq or in Syria for that matter. We are bombing The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries which has nothing to do with ISIS™ because ISIS™ is nothing more than a fabrication of Western and Israeli intelligence agencies designed to provide cover for our renewed imperial aggression in Iraq and Syria.

About those heavy weapons MoA blog backs us blowing up on behalf of the monstrous Nuri al-Maliki and the corruption of the Green Zone: they don’t belong to ISIS™. Yes, I know, the same PR firm that created the fake beheading videos (notice he doesn’t mention those in his article?) took plenty of shots of guys on tanks with cleverly placed ISIS™ flags mounted on top so we could all see them.

They actually belong to The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries and they are why Baghdad is about to fall. Well, Baghdad would fall were it not for ObamaGod and of course… ISIS™

Below is part of the transcript taken from an al Jazeera interview with Maj. General Mizher Al Qaissi, Official Spokesman for The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries recorded back in June of this year. You will not find this interview nor mention of the Military General Council on 99.9% of the so-called “alternative” websites running today. I found it on only 2 aside from the Brussels Tribunal site (which I highly recommend) and al Jazeera itself (which hasn’t promoted it nearly as much as they have been promoting the mythology of ISIS™)

The two sites worthy of note for mentioning this are CounterPunch and Libya 360 which started as one of the best blogs dedicated to exposing the propaganda which supports Obama’s “humanitarian bombings” and is still one of the VERY FEW that remain.

Here is the transcript of the video interview. I will put side notes in red text where I deem appropriate and emphasis of original text is added by me.

Take note MoA and Marcy Wheeler and everyone else:


Our guest today is Maj. General Mizher Al Qaissi, Official Spokesman for The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries.

Maj. General Qaissi, welcome.


I welcome you as well as your respected viewers

00.44 – Of course, according to your wishes we have not shown your face and we will also alter your voice; we respect your wishes for privacy and welcome again.

General Qaissi, how do you evaluate the situation in the field now in Iraq?


MQ: Bissmillah Al Rahman Al Raheem.  As a start, I am used to beginning every new interview by asking God for his mercies on the souls of our martyrs and for them abide in paradise and I pray for glory all the glory to our heroic revolutionaries.

01.20- 02.54

MQ: Today, the Tribal Revolutionaries have lit a flame for a Revolution that will never be put out; this Revolution began since our people asked for legitimate rights and they asked for them through their constitutional sit-ins but they were met with fire and brimstone.   Guns were our last resort to impose our will.   But with God’s kindness and with the kindness of our incubator which area is growing larger day by day we have been able to control Mosul, Sallahudeen, Falluja, Garma, Beiji and most of the northern area and now we are close to Baghdad’s parameters and at its external limits in areas of Baghdad’s Belt as well as the fact that we have been able to expel the government army from Diyala – large parts of the areas in Diyala, and parts of Kirkuk province.   So, now, this is the situation in the field – the Revolutionaries control these areas.   Today, should we walk around in Mosul and were we to contact any of Mosul’s inhabitants you would see genuine joy and great happiness that Muslawi inhabitants are feeling and living after the removal of this injustice from their lives.

[these are the areas reportedly controlled by ISIS™. These are the areas we are bombing. They are not controlled by ISIS™ and as you will see, this spokesman is about to explain how they are not aligned with ISIS™ either militarily nor ideologically]

02.55- 03.02

What pushed you into starting this stage – I mean instead of self-defense to occupying areas in the north of Iraq?

03.03 – 03.55

MQ: The person who started it is Maliki – Maliki forced us to behave in this manner.   For when (army) divisions are sent to our areas and checkpoints and inspection points are set-up in our areas the intention is to degrade and subjugate people and this is what we will not accept and this is what we mentioned in our first statements when we stated and defined the enemy as whoever hurts the Iraqi people and insults their dignity as well as attacks them and their possessions.

A few weeks ago Muslawis were unable to cross bridges from the Right Bank to the Left because of the checkpoints there that insulted them and frisked the women and attacked them by beating them and by verbally abusing them.

[Maliki, our puppet, the brutal hand of our occupation of Iraq is responsible for this legitimate uprising... not "blowback" as MoA would have you believe. Also notice: one of the main problems they have in the Sunni areas is an Israeli-type of occupation like they have in the West Bank. That's because Israel is heavily invested in helping Maliki remain in power]

03.56 – 04.16

When you say “control”, control is not only in the hands of Tribal militants but also in the hands of ISIL.   How much is ISIL in control of areas within the areas that are influenced by Tribal militants?

04.17- 04.26

MQ: The fact is, ISIL is present and no one can deny its existence.

04.27 – 04.29

You fought them – you fought them in the past.

04.30- 05.47

MQ: The Revolutionaries did not fight them – the Sahwas fought them – and the Sahwas are part of the American Project – yes, they fought the “Tandheem” (al Qaeda) for reasons that we are not concerned with because they (the Sahwas) are part of a larger project that is much larger than these naïve people who volunteered to fight.   But what happened is that this organization exists in Iraq and has its external extensions in Syria and even in the world; it has its sleeping cells; it possesses abilities; but this Revolution is a Tribal Revolution that rose against oppression and the Military Councils are a part of these rebellious forces.   The Military Councils’ emblem – the General Military Council’s emblem is the green map of Iraq on a white standard and then the shield that surrounds Iraq that will protect Iraq from Farisee interference and influence.   This is our emblem.

05.48 – 05.59

We will talk about this interference but how far is this cohesion between the Tribes with ISIL’s organization – Is there direct cohesion – is there coordination?

06.00 – 06.46

MQ: There are no connections nor is there coordination.   As I have previously said – the organization exists and it has some fighters and it has some areas in which it moves, but this revolution is that of Tribes and this is what we want to get to the whole worldthat this Revolution is a new Iraqi Spring and that it is an armed Revolution to end repression and injustice.   It has no connection with any other agendas.   And it has no relationship to any terrorism or any other parties.   It is a Revolution of pure Iraqi Tribes who rose against an oppressive government.

[Do I need to repeat that? ISIS™ moves in certain areas but does not control them. There is no coordination between the real revolutionaries in Iraq and the CIA created and back ISIS™. ]

06.47 – 06.59

What is your evaluation of the ability and the size of the organization.   There are some who have spoken of 5,000 or 7,000, 10,000 now on Iraqi soil – you – what is your evaluation of these numbers and what is their ability?

07.00 –

Of course, in comparison to the Tribal Revolutionaries..

07.01 – 08.35

MQ: Of course, we are not in contact with them to know their size; and these numbers and exaggerations and the number of fighters have not been surveyed or polled by any official group or official organization or military organization, but what I wish to say is that no matter what the size of any armed force is it can’t be compared with that of the sons of the tribes – with that of all the sons of Iraq?   So I do not believe that there is a comparison; the sons of Iraq are the sons of this country, the sons of all these cities that have been liberated – and that they bear arms in defense of their cities and their gains so whatever the size of the other organizations that allege that they are with the Revolutionaries or with the Revolution,  and there is more than organization that alleges that it is with the Revolution,  but their size does not amount to the size of the uprising of the masses – all the masses; today, the people who support the Councils in the liberated areas can be counted and surveyed by any foreign agency; today the people who want the Councils are children, women young men and the elderly and this popular incubator has grown in a large way because they have come to believe in our project and they have come to believe that our commitment is to liberate them and to end their persecution.

08.36 – 08.40

Are you working with ISIL on the basis of my enemy’s enemy is my friend, for example?

08.41 – 08.55

MQ: Never.   We are continuing to work for with the people’s targets and our arms are authorized by the people; and so no matter how many types of guns there are pointed towards the central government it doesn’t mean that there is any coordination or cooperation.

08.56 – 08.58

Then ISIL affects your aims.

08.59 – 09.48

MQ: Not necessarily – It does not affect our aims.   We plan and execute and we complete our execution during the time planned and assigned for it and no one has anything to do with this achievement.   Perhaps some groups push towards the same target and this may coincide with our timing but it is we who plan and it is we who besiege and it is we who execute and these other groups may have their own plans and agendas and targets, but now, the party that has most legitimacy and that has gained its legitimacy from the people’s authorization and the Revolutionaries’ authorization is the Military Councils for Iraq’s Revolutionaries.

09.49 – 10.18

But the Western Community, Ban Ki Moon, Maliki’s government, a lot of parties, link events taking place now in the areas under your control with what ISIL’s elements commit and thus doesn’t this in fact affect what you are striving for and the just demands, in the absence of a clear position on your part?

10.19 – 11.31.

MQ:  Yes, quite sure, it does.   But, let’s think more clearly: today, there may be individual behavior on the part of one group or another, that goes against our constants and our behavior and that even goes against human rights, but who is actually promoting this party and is blacking us out?   This is the bigger question.   These parties, today, possess a huge media machine.   I’ll give you an example: on You Tube, you can see very many videos that show certain scenes – human rights abuse – that hurt our cause – well, do you know that when we upload a statement on You Tube, it does not remain for more than 48 hours and then just gets deleted from the site;

11.40 – 11.57

MQ: Even our publications get deleted or blocked on You Tube; you know that You Tube is in California – alright then why do these videos remain for such a period – isn’t there a power that is keeping it on the site?

[Here he pretty much tells us that ISIS™ is nothing more than a PR fabrication. Who is promoting ISIS™ and blacking out the legitimate uprising in Iraq? The MSM for sure... but who else? MoA? Marcy Wheeler? Disinfo Jones? Shouldn't it be clear enough as he accurately points out that when an "ISIS" video pops up, it remains on Youtube and various other places while ones from his organization or ones explaining his organization are removed quickly]

11.58 – 12.06

To end the part that is connected with ISIL, what is your position regarding these abuses that you have just said can be seen now on You Tube – what is the position of the Tribal Revolutionaries on this?

12.07 – 12.32

MQ: We are against any act that violates human rights no matter who the perpetrator; we strongly deplore and condemn it and we are against it; we are always against any violations of human rights; the others have their opinions but we do not support any violations whatsoever; and we do not perpetrate such acts even against our enemies;

[The The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, the people we are bombing in Iraq, does not behead their enemies nor torture them though it is proven that the death squads working for al-Maliki do]

12.33 – 12.40

Is it possible that one day we will see fighting between the Tribal Revolutionaries and ISIL as took place in Syria?

12.42- 12.49

MQ: Personally, I wish we will not be forced to do this.

12.51- 13.06

Now there are calls for volunteering. Sayed Ali Al Sisstani has called for volunteers to save Iraq.   Has Iraq, in fact, entered into a direct sectarian war – Sunni-Shi’i?

13.09- 14.01

MQ: The Marji’iya, Ali Al Sisstani announced this really strange fatwa because they want to distort this war and turn it into a sectarian war between 2 sects that have coexisted for more than 1000 years and have lived together peacefully and lovingly.  They wanted to turn this into a sectarian war.   I revert to your question: here are volunteers – now what use was the regular army which training cost 2/3 of the state’s budget?   Did it stand its ground so that these  volunteers who are being quickly prepared and an army that is being driven to the battle battlefields?


Excuse me, but you are criticizing this army but you contributed to bring down this army now.

14.06 – 14.46

MQ: Yes, what I mean is,  has this army that has been trained been able to hold its ground so that some units that are being prepared in a hurry made up of volunteers being taken away from their families – many of them – and we issued a statement concerning this holding Maliki responsible for these minors who have been pushed into hot combat zones to certain death.   You know this is a message intended to inflame emotions.

14.47- 14.52

General Qaissi, what is the plan now – what is needed?   To   bring down Maliki with force of arms?

14.53- 15.26

We tried all means and we showed that our strategy was that of guerilla warfare for the sake of change.   So the aim is change by force of arms and by any other means.   If we’re forced to bring him down by force of arms we will bring him down but if there were other solutions, there are those who will be authorized to deal with that.

15.27 – 15.31

What are the possible solutions from your point of view?

15.32- 16.37

MQ: Typically armed conflicts and the philosophy of armed conflicts are mostly concluded by political solutions.   It is not possible for revolutionary movements to continue militarily without political solutions and arms will be put down once their aim is realized.   We wanted to realize this aim with the least possible losses but we were forced to bear arms.   We are not alone and I emphasize this now – we are not on our own – there is a nation behind us that authorized us to bear arms.    When we came, we came as leading officers from the former Iraqi Army leading revolutionaries from the tribes and from our people and when these revolutionaries ask us to lay down our arms and when we are close to their aims we will respond to their request and we have repeatedly emphasized we are not warmongers, we do not wish to shed blood but on the contrary any blood that is shed on Iraq’s soil no matter what part it emanates from is blood that is too dear to us.

[This is key: they are supported by the majority of the Iraqi people. They are a variety of tribes fighting a specific enemy: the puppet regime of the occupying force. So when it is said by the Obama administration that this will take "years", clearly even they understand that this is no fringe group. They are going to have to suppress a popular movement which has risen well beyond the control of al-Maliki]

16.38 – 16.47

How are you going to face America, should it decide to direct quick air strikes at the Tribal Revolutionary militants?

16.48 – 18.43

MQ: And how will it be able to target the Tribal Revolutionaries’ headquarters?   How will it be able to do that and the Tribal Revolutionaries are in every house and in every street, in every home? [1]   There is more than one revolutionary who has carried a gun and who has contributed to this Revolution or who has supported this Revolution.   Is it going to kill all the Iraqi People? [2.]  Is it going to annihilate Mosul or is it going to annihilate Falluja as Maliki wants to annihilate complete quarters and districts to exchange them with new quarters and districts?   This talk in military science is illogical because it needs annihilation so if the United States of America and whoever is behind it prepared to annihilate half of the Iraqi People let them do it.   This is the answer.   Secondly, we , all of us, were the people who resisted the American Occupier, and the Military Councils for the Iraqi Revolutionaries , only  this elite was chosen from all the fighters who previously fought the Occupation armies, for their greater expertise in guerilla warfare tactics, for this reason the majority of the commanders were people who fought the Americans and we know how to fight them even if they were to come for a second time, however, as I previously stated, this is not possible even though it were to be confirmed by the United States and its Drones that there are headquarters as well as groups that are gathered on bases, and  strikes were to be carried out against us that killed people, would that end the Revolution?   The answer is NO!   And quite definitely NOT!… Because it is the Revolution of all the people.

[ 1. The way we did it before, why I keep referring to it when writing about this now, is through the Salvador Option. That's the formation of death squads that will identify dissidents through cooperation of the CIA and other intelligence assets, and remove them from the population. We have done it so many times before. Again, that is why Obama and company claim this will take "years" 2. We killed over a million along with Suharto's brutal neoliberal regime in Indonesia through this exact kind of program. Killed and disappeared tens of thousands in Nicaragua and Chile as well. In fact, the Salvador Option was used in Iraq from 2005 through 2006 during the "surge" 3. What he is saying is basically the same thing Castro told Robert McNamara: that he would rather pull the temple down around their own heads than live as slaves on their own land. Same thing Washington told the Brits by the way. ]

[interview transcript with video continued here]

Though either ignorance, ineptitude or shear laziness, far too many of the so-called “alternative” antiwar voices are currently providing a controlled opposition view of this latest criminal action taken against the people of Iraq. And as harsh as it seems, that is still providing them with a rather lenient view of their motivation.

Just as it was during the Bush administration, this limited hangout view of the conflict cannot be allowed to go unchallenged by those of us who remain committed to the cause of justice , accountability and stopping these neoliberal wars of aggression.

To that end I strongly recommend folks spend time following sites like Iraq on Libya 360 °  ,  Iraq on Syria 360 °,  Iraq Dispatches , Brussels Tribunal , Iraq Solidarity  , Women Solidarity for an Independent & Unified Iraq , Global Research and others I will later add to the list. Hopefully it will be growing soon.

I would also recommend readers take the time to read this article: Iraq 2013: A Year of Carnage

If you wish to understand what is really happening in Iraq, you have start with the realization that no explanation which includes even the remotest association with the mythology of ISIS™ being 1. a legitimate target and 2. ISIS™ being targeted at all by the U.S. does you or anyone else other than Western “national interests” any good at all. Because it doesn’t. To me it is just as offensive as the LIHOP shills in the 9/11 Truth movement.

ISIS™ is a USSOCOM psychological operation with two distinct objectives:

  1. provide cover for the Obama administration’s renewed bombing campaigns and other military aggression in Iraq to quell a legitimate uprising and Syria to force a regime change

  2. a reverse “hearts and minds” campaign designed to drive a wedge between the people of Iraq and The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries

To the end of trying to help expose this truth to as many as possible along with the folks running the sites I previously mentioned, I have decided to dedicate the next few weeks working on this subject exclusively barring some other unavoidable development. This is the hearts and minds battle we are forced to wage and for those few of us who are still determined to fight it, we shouldn’t shy away from it or turn our backs on it simply because it’s easier than it used to be to do so.

The people fighting to liberate Iraq from us are not in cahoots with ISIS™ and neither am I. But someone is. And it’s time you decided what side you are on as well just as it was in 2003. It’s darker now but the light is out there. You just have to look for it a little harder, that’s all.

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