Thursday, December 6, 2018

More on Colin Kaepernick and Blacklists in America

What has happened to Colin Kaepernick goes way beyond the NFL. We see a steady rise in blacklists here in the states. Prop or Not. The Atlantic Council working with Facebook. Twitter banning folks left and right. PayPal, Patreon, Youtube, Google, WordPress... more and more we see corporate America feeling empowered to dis-empower and even disappear numbers of us at will simply because they don't like what we say or stand for. If you like Trump or think "Blue Lives Matter" doesn't matter. You should be concerned about the long term ramifications of Kap's blacklisting and the normalization of this kind of action is our society.

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Richard Sherman statement

Colin Kaepernick's stats

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Butt-fumble Sanchez' stats

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  1. Fear is a the reason for black listing... they can't allow people to say the truth....that they cannot defend.... so they black list. We are a fearful and sick nation of corporate whimps.
    Isn't it strange that the Redskins have had three quarterbacks to break a leg? Could that be done deliberately?

  2. Kapernick is just contributing to the racial division with this misguided nonsense. He is completely a completely clueless "rich kid". We are ALL being fucked over by the system and we need to stick together instead of this moronic finger pointing which the elites foment and promote. They want us pointing fingers at each other instead of banding together and hanging the real problems

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  4. Scott, please delete the clearly racist fly-by-night third comment. It doesn't contribute in any way.
    What WordPress and YouTube have done to you is so unfair. Is there a possibility of suing these institutions for breaching the First Ammendment? Maybe you should use an online platform based in a country that has a rivalry with the US. They can't rebuke your journalism, so they're forced to resort to dirty tricks if they want to win the propaganda game.

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