Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Youtube Monitizing my Videos Without My Consent

by Scott Creighton

Well that's a fine how do you do ain't it? Youtube wipes out my American Everyman channel on trumped up charges of violating some guidelines or something and then when my new backup channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, the pricks decide they are going to cash in on my new work.

I have NOT set up monitization on my channel and I have not authorized Youtube to do it for me, yet here we are... with an ad on my latest video. I wonder if they did that to all my previous videos as well.

Shouldn't be shocked. WordPress made money putting ads on my American Everyman website til I paid to have my own site ( and THEN they decided to shut me down. For no reason.


  1. Liar liar pants on fire

  2. If this is a regular practice of Youtube, then there may sufficient criteria for a class action lawsuit.

  3. Don't tell me YouTube are looking for excuses to suspiciously monetize your account once again - oh wait: they have done so most likely. Ugh.

  4. Today when I look at that video and older ones, I don't see an ad on them. I'm guessing it was a mistake maybe? Or... I know WP used to put ads on my site (before I upgraded) that I couldn't see. I wonder if something like that is in the works or if they simply made a mistake and put that on the video. They could also have a program that will do that in order to get content creators thinking about ads once they hit a thousand subs. Don't know what it was.

    1. Okay Scott - I've noticed one thing on your George Herbert Walker Bush video: your video has a music track name, album, and artist tagged at the bottom of the video description, meaning that your video has been Content ID-tagged, and therefore, they will put ads on your video because you've used a licensed track, which is why YouTubers usually go all-out in avoiding using these tracks: to prevent their videos from getting Content ID'd

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