Friday, December 21, 2018

Sec. Defense "Mad Dog" of Fallujah Resigns and the Fake Left Hyperventilates

James Mattis has tendered his resignation letter to President Trump, citing differences of opinion regarding foreign policy objectives as his reasoning.

The fake left are beside themselves clutching their pearls and bemoaning the "chaos" of the Trump administration as he tries to pull troops out of Syria and supposedly Afghanistan.

Not too long ago they couldn't praise Obama enough for simply living up to the deal "W" made with the Iraqis and withdrawing our troops from that quagmire in 2011. Now Trumpster tries something similar and the press want him tried for treason and shot.

Trump twitter feed

CNN article about "the wheels are coming off"

Mattis resignation letter

Mad Dog in Fallujah

Toxic History of Mad Dog in Fallujah

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