Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trump Claims to Order Troops Out of Syria: Is it Real or a Set up?

We've been here before. When Obama and Kerry agreed to give up ISIS to the Russians, the glorious generals put an end to that deal right quick. This past April, same thing is announced, the desire to pull troops out of Syria and then our assets staged a phony chemical weapons attack to put an end to that.

Even if Trump believes it, unfortunately, there are forces at work within the Deep State and the MIC that will probably orchestrate yet another event to change his mind.

Jimmy Dore video

One of my articles on Greater Kurdistan

Whitney Webb article

Iran strategy paper

Pepe Escobar Greater Kurdistan article

Activist Post article

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  1. Excellent video, Scott. When I saw how "Greater Kurdistan" would connect all those bodies of water, it all suddenly made sense to me. It's really key to understanding what these PNAC guys have been working for all these years. I have heard that Arabs (and I even heard one Israeli) have referred to Kurdistan as a "second Israel" for years. In the "grand chessboard" of the world as it stands, a greater Kurdistan would be the equivalent of control the center of the board.

  2. If you suck the dick its going to make even more sense

  3. Haven't seen the video yet Scott- but you can be sure the US is going nowhere. Nowhere at all.

    And since they are going nowhere there is no hand off to Turkey...

    From whitney webb:

    "Such a pass-off between occupying powers already has a precedent in Syria. In March, the U.S. withdrew support for the SDF in the Syrian city of Afrin, which is now jointly occupied by the U.S. and Turkish militaries"

    To my knowledge there is NO US presence in Afrin.
    Unless they are covertly embedded there somewhere

    Prior to Turkey moving into Afrin, Russian officials went and made an offer to the Kurds.. return control of the territory to Damascus and the Turks won't come in- The Kurds said no
    and Russia green lighted the entry.

    Whitney Webb's source for that claim is super questionable

    Geopolitics Report is a suspect source- Pretty sure I've written on them previously at my place..

    "Turkey, like the U.S., is seeking to remove Kurds from Syrian areas, such as Afrin,"

    Rubbish. Obvious Rubbish. It's been the US that has implanted the Kurds into more then 1/3 of Syria..
    That doesn't pass the sniff test- the stench is obvious

    There is also nothing there (in the article) that demonstrates the US and Turkey are 'occupying" together in Afrin

    Whitney Webb is writing a suspiciously pro Kurdish annexation of Syria piece... it's subtle, but, it's there

  4. Vastly more likely the US is trying to obfuscate the conflict between the two NATO 'allies"

    as they have been all along.

    The conflict between them has huge, global ramifications.