Friday, January 25, 2019

Corrupt FBI Teams With Fake News CNN to Stage Bizarre, Overly Dramatic Arrest of Roger Stone

It's like something out of the Blues Brothers. Did they really think Roger Stone was going to turn into Rambo and go out in a blaze of glory... or did they just stage it like that to help CNN's ratings with their Trump haters?

And since WHEN does ANYONE get arrested for lying to congress? Hillary lied to em and so did Clapper, Brennan, a whole host of Bush administration officials... and so did ROBERT MUELLER by the way.

Stone arrested

video of arrest with CNN

Mueller lying to congress himself

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  1. Very upsetting.. and strange.....
    why the show?
    Is Israel involved with cnn.... they sort of own FBI. do they?

  2. In the scheme of things, the constant cursing doesn't seem like much, but, for me the constant FUCKs, and GOD DAMNITs, and MOTHERFUCKS, or whatever, make me want to leave you after all these years. I'm very tired of it. I'm angry too but, that is not it. Heck, you banned me long ago back in the day of Wordpress but, eh.

    I'm trying to quit cursing so I can't really listen to it anymore.

    I don't mind leaving you, I just thought you might want a chance to change first.

  3. I'm very sorry for your recent loss. I understand.

  4. Ya can't be serious. It's good to know the FBI prefers to spend taxpayer dollars on LARPing with a hypocritical arrest as the cherry on the sundae, rather than actually contributing productively towards the rule of law. Great work, there.