Thursday, January 10, 2019

From “Bring Our Troops Home” to “Sykes-Picot on Acid”: Neocons Get Their Way on Trump’s Syria Policy

by Whitney Webb from Mint Press News

Since it was announced a few weeks ago, President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria has now — unsurprisingly – morphed from an “America First” policy move into yet another “Israel First” and neoconservative-supported initiative likely to continue the U.S.’ illegal occupation Syrian territory for the foreseeable future.
Indeed, according to recent statements from top administration officials, the U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria has now become “conditional” on upcoming negotiations with the Turkish government and is being “coordinated” with the State of Israel. Even more concerning is the fact that leaked details of the still-classified plan have shown that the U.S. plans to partition the portion of Syria it is currently occupying into “spheres of influence,” in a move that is reminiscent of the Sykes-Picot plan and constitutes a last-ditch effort to achieve the long-standing Israeli/U.S. geopolitical goal to divide and weaken Syria.

The relatively quick reversal on Trump’s push to withdraw U.S. troops that are illegally occupying Syrian territory is unsurprising given the immediate and extremely negative reaction it received from politicians from both parties as well as the mainstream press...

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