Thursday, January 17, 2019

Professional Liar Max Blumenthal Tries to Frame Erdogan for Manbij Attack

Max Blumenthal, son of Clinton bag-man Sydney Blumenthal, has never met an illegal regime change operation he didn't like and support in it's early stages. He is a left-cover neocon of the first order and anyone, I mean anyone MintPress News, who pays this disinfo asset for his work, deserves neither our support or respect.

Who had control of the area in Manbij when the attack took place? Who has a history of using suicide bombers to get what they want? Who stands to lose the most if the U.S. pulls out of Syria? The Kurds. Yet, Max Blumenthal tried some mental gymnastics to blame Erdogan and Turkey for it on RT.

RT video

Wiki PKK page

Inside the PKK

SDF defector speaks out

SDF celebrates under PKK banner

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  1. Hey Scott!
    I predicted that was going to be the exact outcome in my post covering the explosion yesterday
    "I’m willing to bet Turkey’s going to be blamed. Blaming Turkey fits in with the agenda to target Turkey. It's like blaming Syria for the destabilization kicked off by Usreal."

    It was entirely predictable

    And the regime changers are right on message...

    1. you'll notice Syriana analysis is spinning the same meme?