Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hangin With the Beebs

Aunt BB stopped by and had a chat with me yesterday. She's on the final leg of her whirlwind Snowbird tour of our sunny state of Florida and I was very honored she took the time to do a video with me.

When you get a chance head over to her channel and check out the latest of her travel videos. She'll be back in gloomy Canada by the weekend, doing more political works on her channel so take the time to see the lighter side of Aunt BB while you can.

Thanks again to Barb for stopping by.

Aunt BB channel


  1. your mother is pathetic looking..... you should feed her more often..... why can't she stand up straight?
    a viewer

    1. She can't stand straight becoube this mothefucking idiot fucking her in a ass

  2. aunt BB is from Canada!!
    OM goodness- Hello fellow Canucki :)
    Now I must check her channel out- I simply must!