Thursday, January 10, 2019

Jimmy Dore's Tone Deaf Hypocricy on Immigration and the Working Class

After rightly calling out the unDemocratic Party for turning their backs on the working class of America in 2016, Dore does the exact same thing in support of the neoliberal "flexible work-forces" campaign.

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  1. Obrador has the only other person besides you to point out that migration resulted from neoliberalisation of Latin America. He also smartly commented that the wall is "America's internal business". Like their Yank counterparts, the well-off classes in Aztec country are petulant little bastards who either expected their sweatshop, energy and narcomoney feast to last forever, or to actively profit from turning their own society into a failed state. Manuel makes vague promises of reform and appeals to general moral values, and they throw shit fits- THEY left a bankrupt, unstable nation with a miserable countryside and crumbling cities, and a nearly ruined natural environment, yet they project their own turpitude on the still-new presidency of Andrés. They cry about those poor vulture investors who've Made out like Dutch pirates- just what Will they do with a centre-leftgovernment that's Even disavowed Bolivarianism? Poor sods!
    I think the companies most active in supporting free trade and "flexible workforces" should be burdened with international strikes and boycotts. This should be a good start.