Wednesday, January 9, 2019

US Non Withdrawal from Syria: Of Course, Blame Turkey

from Penny for Your Thoughts

 Was thinking this morning about the psyop of the US withdrawal from Syria.

Blame Turkey will be all the rage- expect to see it all over the place (5 eyes msm and alt)

It wasn’t going to happen. At all. Between the US and France there are more then 20 military bases dotting the Syrian landscape. One, alone, being more then 500 acres in size...

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  1. Happy New Year, Scott, as late as I am. Paul Jay acting as a willing (?) accomplice in the Khashoggi show was disgusting. Didn't he also assign the blame for the Cheonan's sinking on the DPRK back in 2008? Sly little weasel. I normally love Caleb Maupin, but he disappointingly bought into the Khashoggi and "sultan Erdogan" narratives at face value. Get some rest, or all the negative news can bring you down emotionally.