Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Deep Dive Into the Houthi Attack on the Saudi Aramco Infrastructure

This conflict goes well beyond 2015 and Saudi Arabia. When the official statement was made by the Houthis claiming responsibility for the attacks they included a statement that it could not have taken place without "honorable assistance from within the Kingdom" meaning ... what? Do we have CIA assets "within the Kingdom"? Will this strike have an effect on the Aramco IPO negotiations that started just two days before they took place? All wars are banker wars boys and girls and this one is no different.

Saudi Aramco races to repair oil facility after attacks cut country’s production by half

Top Bankers Descend on Dubai Ritz as Aramco IPO Work Starts

Attacks on Saudi Oil Risk Lowering Aramco IPO Valuation

Houthi Drone Strikes Disrupt Almost Half Of Saudi Oil Exports

Second Deterrent Balance Operation Hits Abqaiq, Khurais Oil Refineries East of Saudi Arabia

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