Monday, November 30, 2020

CHANGE!!! Biden Admin 'Diversity' is a Hollow Illusion


There is no diversity. They are all pure neoliberal free-marketeers.


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  1. Almost like IT'S A MASK, right?!
    A false front, hollow inside, & NOT RATED.
    Also to note, not even rated for CORVID repellency, either.
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  2. Scott, you're assuming too much.

    Here's the now short deadline dates for something to happen:
    The Trump campaign has until Dec. 14 to win their legal battles. This date is when the Electoral College will meet to finalize their votes for president. Once this is done, their votes will head to Congress on December 23, where they will be certified.

    Lots can happen between now & then! A new scenario of what the Drumpfster will or should do immediately, right up to enacting a military coup to 'take back' the election vote to whom it rightfully belongs, is being pushed out daily by all the disinfo sickos & psychos spewing off on their usual sites.

  3. Another point.
    thx to the internet we can look back on what people observed as top personality traits that standout just after he got in in 2016.
    note this very ominous portent, on point for events now:
    Freeman said of Trump: “What I see is a guy who will not lose.”