Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sri Lanka's Color Revolution Kicks Off When Their Government Asks Russia for Help With Fuel

It was a combination of things that led Sri Lanka's population to the streets. Most of it caused by the nation getting closer and closer to China and looking to become a major hub in the BRI. But the last straw was when they went to Russia to ask for help with fuel as Western businesses turned off the tap in order to make the economy scream.



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  1. Sri Lanka COULD become an indian Ocean Rock of Gibraltar to Nutto's recently announced plans to set up shop to take on chiner.
    A little too far west, not nearer East China sea as it should be, but more than big enuf put in some missile bases.

    These could/would choke off the Strait of Malacca to any/all "hostile" ship traffic, especially cargo ships sailing south then west from the more southern china ports..

    Here's a great 8 minute explanation with great maps & explanation that explains that multimodal land-sea-Caspian Sea-rail 7200 km INSTC (Int'l N-S Trade Corridor) Road.
    note it even says they plan it to be independent of any machinations by the usual suspects to block the suez!

    also, here in vid shows the astounding list of E.O.'s sanctions against iran over the years explains their rabid fetish why! going on since 2000 inception of this plan:

    INSTC - Russia, India, Iran strategic trade corridor | Alternative to Suez Canal | Geopolitics
    150,804 views Jul 9, 2022 In

  2. For entertainment purposes only.
    Caption THIS:

    (Can u believe T suspended the user's account over this? BELIEVE IT, comrade!)

  3. Lookie who trolled thru your 'hood just 3 days ago!:
    27 minutes
    Here's what Tampa, Florida looks like these days. It's complicated.
    140,113 views Jul 7, 2022

    He may have the name NICK now, but in a short few years he'll be renowned thru out the land as "Running Man with a GoPro"!


  4. my attempt to encapsulate the recent brushfire of both real facts & hysteria about the US arid SW, biblical 1200-year "gorebull warming" dry spell, the major US SW cities plight, esp. LV, & the 'future' of the entire Colorado waters federal/state apportioning agreements as it affects the Lake Mead, Lake Powell canyon water levels & GC dam levels needed for generating capacity.

    Lake Mead is UPstream of Powell, & so feeds water into the giant dam there to make electricity enuf for about 3MM people most sites say--that is near exactly the present pop of Metro LV.

    most quotes including former water commissioners city/state/fed say if no reversal of rainfall trends since early 1980's when full to the brim, it'll be 'dead pool' done in 10 years.

    great graph shows LV METRO pop1950 barely 35,000 to now 2.8MM! CITY ITSELF IS ABOUT 700K. Nothing to go wrong here.
    scroll down some & to left side can select any other us city down to 325,000 pop.

    Lake Mead Water Level Hit Another Shocking Low
    1,956 views Jul 10, 2022
    screenshot has mention that long-term scheme for LV is to build a dedicated pipeline direct from Colo river waters to LV! (I assume that means in time before LV, fed entirely by lake mead water, sucks Mead dry from that $1.5B bottom bed syphon just activated!)

    just to mention there is an idea only out there a few years, not even at any preliminary planning stage because just imagine the state agreements needed, but claims that for about $25B, an above-ground freshwater pipeline likely twinned (for maintenance) 5- 10m diameter at least can be run over 1000 miles west from the mississippi, where the water would be sourced, to dump into the GC somewhere.

    1. A water pipeline from the Mississippi River to the west?
      635,821 views Apr 12, 2022
      time bomb

    2. St. George UT, pop 200K middle of huge desert SW UT has built 13 golf courses for "tourism" watered for now by a lake/reservoir.
      BUT they want to have a pipeline run from LAKE POWELL(!) to bring in 28 Billion gal/year for their reservoir for use for further development..

      The Town Trying to Pump Billions of Gallons of Water to Their Desert Community
      2,025,545 views Mar 5, 2021

  5. One on topic comment. Better than none, I guess ...
    Good Video, Scott. Thanks
    Victor G.