Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Four Real Protests from Around the Globe and One Fake One Here at Home

 by Scott Creighton

First the real ones:

Fuel protests continue in France: 'Yellow vests' set toll booths on fire

Protesting Buddhist monks battle water cannon & teargas in Sri Lanka

Protesters and police face off at corruption demo in Haiti

Migrant Caravan: Protests want Central American migrants out

 and now the fake:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins Climate Change Activists In Protest At Nancy Pelosi's Office

It's no wonder we're doomed in this country.


  1. Xenophobic nationalism is PART of the strategy of tension. The Caravan is no doubt a politicised (Soros?) operation, but genuine refugees are displaced people struggling to survive, who lost everything, not school children on a bloody picnic or field trip. Demonising them IS NOT the answer to capitalist globalism. Besotes, Central Americans speak the same language as Mexico, practise the same religion, observe very similar customs and traditions, and are generally way worse off to boot. Why don't those Tijuanans campaign to reintagrate the 11 million illegals back into Mexican society after returning them from America?