Friday, November 16, 2018

News of the Day: Blumenthal, MPN and Martin Push Don Lemon Propaganda as Brexit Implodes

Today's news. Odd isn't it how back home the complicit media like CNN as well as the so-called "alternative left" media are steadily demonizing "nationalists" and "protectionists while overseas the establishment is doing all it can to put an end to a protectionist movement known as Brexit.

 Max Blumenthal pushes Don Lemon's propaganda on Mint Press News

Abby Martin does the same on Empire Files

Richie Allen show

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  1. There are certainly many dangerous white men around. You named a few: Trump, Blumenthal, Clinton, most of our
    congress.... Obama is also, he is half white....
    they want to take our eyes off them...
    good research Scott....

  2. Scott, did you even read Clinton Kid Blumenthal's entire piece? He is talking about the Azov Battalion recruiting American racists, European fascists and even Wahhabis to wage war on the anti-Poroshenko (who is pro-EU and economically neoliberal, mind you) opposition, and to militarise the border with Russia. There is virtually no major content about economic globalisation in this article. As villainous as the Blumenthals in their Clinton enterprises definitely are, to deliberately mischaracterise someone else's work reflects poorly on you this time (or not doing the research).