Friday, November 2, 2018

State Dept.'s $80 Million in 2018 to "Counter" Propaganda to "Foreign" Audiences

H/T Martin

The State Department makes clear their intentions with this 80 million bucks they got starting in late Feb. of 2018: "form partnerships with local influencers" and to "analyze audiences most susceptible to disinformation" and to buy "local influencers and journalists"


State Department press briefing transcript Oct. 30 2018

UNIAN info agency

RT video

Activist Post from Feb. 2018

Bank Info Security from March of 2018

NEO article from Oct 30 2018

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The Real Reason the Knives are Out for MBS

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  1. You cleared up my doubts very well, thank you. Somehow I missed the "fellow at the Oakland Institute" part when reading his Wikipedia profile. Would this explain his other enthusiasm for deposing the AKP in Turkey, despite its popularity and some good policies (refusing IMF debt, taking in refugees for Europe), stubbornly insisting on unsupported or weak conspiracy theories about Erdogan? He sounded so critical and antiestablishment most of the time. What a shame.