Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thousand Oaks Shooting Story Gets Even Dumber (video)

Now we are told Ian David Long took the time during the shooting to 1. mock us for not passing some kind of mental hygiene law and 2. clear up that whole "no motive" thing.

my article from this morning

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  1. I no longer get angry over these events.... it makes me cry and moan.... what have they done to America the land of the free, America the beautiful.... in school we pledged proudly to the flag... of course that was 1945 to about 1958..... and good things started changing America to be even better.... but somewhere a chunk ugly started growing until it became a monster... so I cry.

  2. Remember the San Bernadino shooting? Evidence is strong that the two accused Muslims were abducted and murdered before the shooting happened. By the way, I remember a truck driver producing a video to the effect that the Muslims were innocent from the cab of his truck? Was it Robert Bowers, the trucker of the synagogue shooting? Anyhow, I haven't seen any evidence against Long, the supposed shooter of the country music bar in Southern California, that couldn't have been fabricated.

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