Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sen. Murphy from Lockheed Martin Wants a New Investigation of Trump (now that Mueller thing is done)

Chris Murphy, "trumpslayer" and leader of the fake resistance, is now calling for a NEW investigation into President Trump now being owned, he claims, by Saudi Arabia... not Russia... like he previously claimed.

Of course, he fails to mention Lockheed Martin is pissed off because they didn't get to sell MbS 15 billion worth of useless THAAD missile systems and that same Lockheed Martin has a big-time presence in his home state of Connecticut.

Murphy tweet

Murphy king of the fake resistance

Lockheed Martin's boy Murphy

On Sept. 21st Saudi Ambassador to Russia said he Hoped US Would not Sanction them Over S-400 Purchase

yep its all about THAAD

Grand Proclamation from the Boy King about Khashoggi and the Little Prince

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