Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Don't Underestimate BoJo the Clown and My UK Predictions

Boris Johnson is now the prime minister of the United Kingdom. But don't underestimate him. He's not the idiot many try to make him out to be. But he is a tool of the establishment just like Cameron and May before him.

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  1. I find it frustrating how parts of the left just can't comprehend how the European Union only exists to serve capital at the expense of its members (Philosophy Tube comes to mind). The British state can't even mange its own fisheries under the EU. And young Britons are being brainwashed to think "only old people care about Brexit". Notice how the European countries with the highest living standards (e.g. Norway) still have their own currencies and apparently treasuries with "wiggle room". Everyone from Portugal to Ukraine has become an internal colony of Swiss, British, French, German, Dutch and American investors, unable to pursue their own development.
    Also, the Johnsons may not be cream-of-the-crop elites, but they're still spooks.

  2. Quite, quite. But the sooner British voters get rid of BoJo and the Tories - the better!! The only thing that can serve the working class is a change of government - not to "more of the same", but to leaders with more radical social policies, such as Corbyn and Sanders. Brexit alone in the UK will do nothing and just make things worse.

    (I like the Artist Taxi Driver too!! ☺️)

    I also think that it is interesting, how both of the current right-wing leaders of both the US and the UK are characterized and categorised as clowns 🀑🀑 - "creatures of chaos". Boris and Trump both. Doesn't bode very well for any supposed "stability" brought to the economy by conservatism, does it? 😏

    Personally I think you'd do better voting for the star of the "incel movie", The Joker. (Hey, he, like supposedly "disadvantaged" Boris, has a backstory, too! 😁😁 And an act.)

    Maybe that's how your Trump got popular enough to get voted in, too. (As for Boris, don't forget, the British public hasn't even had a vote on him yet!)

    Loki preserve me from conservative capitalist clowns, is all.I can say. 😏

    #JC4PM2019 #Sanders2020