Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My Thoughts on Andy Ngo and Antifa's MERCs and LARPers

Fear and loathing in America. Its a strategy of tension campaign. Get you to hate and fight with other slaves while our owners, who give stand down orders to police in these cities, sit back and laugh and continue to get away with the shit you're really angry about.

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  1. I saw the red flag displayed by the Antifas. Yours truly is a philosopher and has studied Marxism. By the Marxist Superstructure/Base theory of meaning the conscience has nothing to do with what is moral. (In Russia the Communists shot dead people who thought this.) I submit that the Antifas do not believe in Free Speech. Their Marxist philosophy denies the validity of the Free Speech principle, and their actions show that indeed they do not recognize the validity of this American value.