Saturday, July 27, 2019

The IDF is Still Committing Crimes Against Humanity (if anyone gives a shit any more)

 by Scott Creighton
Image result for nero fiddled while rome burned

As the unDemocratic Party votes to help silence BDS activists here in the states and the Trumpites all jump on board the "go back to your country" bandwagon, Israel is steadily ramping up their war crimes destroying homes in the occupied lands of Palestine.

Folks wrap themselves in the feel good fabric of self righteous indignation as they clamor for more color revolution protests in Hong Kong and Puerto Rico while Palestinians are being shot, smothered with tear gas and having the IDF rain white phosphorus down on their fields adjacent to the ruble that used to be their homes.

Burning lawns and shattered lives. Insult to injury as no one takes notice. A scorched earth campaign in the dark.

And not a peep from the 'progressive' alternative echo chambers of the interwebs. They're too busy worried about how Saint Assange (rapist) is being treated in jail or how many Twitter accounts were shuttered this week.

How many have lost their lives since the Great March of Return began some 60 or so weeks ago? How many have lost their legs?

How many even care over here anymore?

The Israeli propaganda machine has done it's job. At a time when the rest of the world is aghast at the brutality and criminality of the Israeli REGIME, here in the states the word is mum for all fear the influence peddlers and the influential industrialists who pull their strings and pay their monthly stipend checks.

Over here, most have learned to go along to get along while Palestine is erased. We look the other way because it is politically expedient to become as morally ambiguous as the party to our right. Self preservation is, after all, the national religion of the neoliberal One Party of America.

Did Nero fiddle while Rome burned? Are we?

The four Trump told to 'go home' serve as examples. The power of The Lobby will not be denied. Trump boasts of all the illegal fetchin and stepin he does for his real RussiaGate handlers, AIPAC and the Likud Party, while the unDemocrats somberly nod their approval, voting for his corrupt appointees and his bloated, Reaganesque, austerity promoting budget.

And no one notices who is really behind all that child rape in Epstein's retched past. Those who do pretend like they don't.

The emperor's new clothes look marvelous don't they?

But here is what's going on today in Palestine in the hope that some people, albeit a few, still give a damn.

 Israeli police fires tear gas and white phosphorus at protest against demolition of Palestinian homes

Protest against demolition of West Bank houses ends in clashes with IDF

Tear gas & live ammunition: Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with IDF


  1. Thanks for keeping your eye on the ball, Scott. Not hearing anything about Yemen either. I miss your writing, more of it please!
    By the way, I see Kevin Barrett is using a service called to support his False Flag Weekly News report. He's been de-platformed recently by Youtube AND Vimeo. Might be useful to help your lawyer bills

  2. If you want to know how somebody is going to treat you, watch how he or she treats others. It is an illusion to think that you are special. "The Jews might treat Arabs that way, but they would never treat us White Americans that way because we are special." No, the Jews will treat us White Americans exactly as they are treating the Palestineans if only they had similar power over us. Nobody is special.