Saturday, July 20, 2019

Iran's Seizing the Stena Impero Was NOT Retaliation

The Stena Impero was traveling through Iranian side of the Strait when it struck an Iranian fishing vessel. The fishing vessel requested assistance from the Impero which ignored them, turned off their tracking system and tried to exit the scene. So yes, the Iranians detained the tanker for violating any number of maritime laws not the least of which being they left another vessel crippled and in danger of sinking in the water. Ergo... no... this is not a 'tit for tat" retaliation for the illegal seizure of that Iranian tanker last week by the British.

Press TV article

TASS News article

TASS News article

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  1. The other destablization, NED sponsored protests are taking place in Hong Kong. Watch this live stream (from the anti-China protesters here, and what do you see at the 36:00 mark? Yeah, that's right: an American Flag - Greetings, Ella

  2. Sorry, scroll way down on that Hong Kong Hermit page to the 45min. long video, initially posted on periscope. You will see the American Flag around the 36 min mark. Ella